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Properties in Marly-le-Roi

Properties in Marly-le-Roi

Traditional and modern

Its name immediately evokes the horses : Marly-le-Roi is all about the Royal Park hosting the Marly Horses, the water tank and the famous Wheel of Marly, to speak more of Louis XIV’s history.

Halfway between L’Etang-la-Ville (78600) and Louveciennes (78430), the city of Marly-le-Roi is situated ten miles away from Paris and has a population of sixteen thousand inhabitants. It is built on a sort of headland downhill and North of the shelf of the Coeur-Volant which dominates the valley of River Seine, more North, by about 150 metres. Its urbanization is focused on the northern half of the town territory, the Southern half being mostly covered by the national forest of Marly.

Along the years, it managed to preserve its heart of town and its tradition, though extending to new zones of small properties surrounded with gardens, welcoming well-off dual working young families.

The commune is nowadays composed of five districts :

  • The quite sought-after Old Marly-Ombrages-Monbâti, with XVIIIth century-mansions and Church Saint-Vigor, elevated in the XVIIth century ;

  • Plateau-Verger-Vauillons-Bois Martin, with its fully-detached houses and Park Jean Witold;

  • Les Grandes Terres, a quite sought-after residential district ;

  • Montval, with its gymnasium, its school complex and its library, less prestigious, but of quality ;

  • Les Coteaux, including the old hamlet of Montval, the young families’ favourite.

If it can boast to benefit from its famous park, of the banks of the Seine, with Port-Marly and of its old streets steeped in History, it is nonetheless a dynamic and sportive city, open to young people, with two municipal swimming pools, five gymnasiums, four stadiums, a riding center and a rowing club.

Children’s education too, with six nursery schools, four public elementary schools, one private elementary school, one high school (collège) and one grammar school (lycée).

Well connected

Accessible by A13 and A86 motorways, the city is also served by Transilien train L (Paris-Saint-Lazare/Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche via La Défense) and by numerous buses linking Versailles and Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

A very active real estate market

Considering the high number of inhabitants and a rather young average age, a great number of transactions animate the city. Its real estate market remains attractive if you compare it to the market of the first urban fringe of Paris, and the excellent reputation of the schools and grammar schools make it the favourite sector of numerous families. It also has the merit of being quite varied, offering a large choice of traditional houses, town houses, very old houses, in the historical heart of the city, sometimes listed as heritage, and a great variety of contemporary pavilions, of beautiful properties and of designer houses.

Thus you can find a contemporary house nearby the station between one and one and a half million euros.