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Properties in Maisons-Laffitte

Properties in Maisons-Laffitte

Famous 'Cité du Cheval'

Maisons-Laffitte is the city of the horse. Located fifteen miles North West of Paris and situated halfway between the River Seine and the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the city extends over 675 hectares and has all assets for a perfect quality of life : schools, easy access to Paris, numerous activities and cultural and sports associations. It counts today 24,000 inhabitants.

The city first developed around its château which is one of the masterworks of architect François Mansart, built between 1634 and 1646, by René de Longueil, Lord of Maisons, in order to welcome King Louis XIV during his hunting parties in the forest of Saint-Germain. A very beautiful avenue was then created - Avenue Albine  -, from the château towards the forest, offering then to the King, to us today, a splendid perspective over the château.

Three greatly-appreciated places :

  • The town center: It is the part of town corresponding to the shopping streets, around Avenue de Longueil, around the train station and up to the Mesnil-le-Roi. The inhabitants of this district enjoy the proximity of the station and of the shops.

  • Le Petit-Parc: Le Petit-Parc was formerly the Parc du Château, built up since the end of the XIXth century. With the château, the town-center and the Parc, this sector is highly sought.

  • Le Parc de Maisons-Laffitte: Created in 1830 by Jacques Laffitte, the director of the Banque de France, the Parc is divided into plots of land so as to build some holiday homes. Thanks to excellent advertising, numerous artists and writers will be the first ones to settle in some villas namely built by architect Duval. Of a total area of 419 hectares, the Parc de Maisons-Laffitte offers a quite preserved environment, owing to very strict requirement building specifications. These requirement specifications, established in 1834 at the initial land planning by Jacques Laffitte, was maintained and is today managed by the syndic of the Parc (l’Association Syndicale). The main characteristic of the Parc is its greenery with quite numerous inconstructible forest reserves where a great number of bird species come to nestle.

Maisons-Laffitte also benefits from its many public and private schools in the town-center and in the Parc, from an international bilingual school, the Ermitage. Moreover, a direct connection with the international grammar school of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the Institut Notre-Dame completes the school offers.

Equine, sportive and cultural

Launched by Jacques Laffitte, the equine activity developed during the XIXth century. Today, Maisons-Lafitte hosts the largest racecourse in the Île-de-France and the second training center for race horses in France. Thanks to suitable infrastructures (stadiums, gymnasiums, aquatic center, dojo, horse clubs, together with an urban board sport zone…), numerous sports activities are available on the spot :  horse riding, swimming, tennis, martial arts, golf, gymnastics, body-building, football, rugby, tennis, archery, crossbow shooting, athletics, aso….

Maisons-Laffitte attaches great importance to cultural activities :  an academy and numerous associations enable the practice of music, plastic arts,… the concert hall presents a wide range of variety programmes and the cinema selects quality films.

Two public transport connections to Paris

To join Paris (Saint-La zare or Etoile), La Défense, Poissy, Cergy, aso…, the Mansonnians may choose between Regional Train RER line A and the Transilien network.

A family real estate market

The city of Maisons-Laffitte attracts numerous families moving from abroad (foreign or French ones back from expatriation), seeking an international environment and a school offering a bilingual teaching. These families particularly enjoy the ‘countryside in town’ aspect, though near to Paris.