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Properties in Bougival

Properties in Bougival

In the secrets of River Seine

Bordering the Seine, with her eight thousand and five hundred inhabitants, Bougival lives its discreet existence, coiled in a meander of the celebrated river. Preserved, offering the quality of life and the calm of a small town, it is nevertheless only five miles away from Versailles and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, with a quick access by motorway A86 at Rueil, La Défense and Paris.

The banks of River Seine still bring back the memories of such painters as Corot, Turner and Renoir who stayed there in the XIXth century and its locks and its harbour were immortalized by Monet, Sisley or Renoir.

The city of Bougival has as strong assets its geographical position and the history of its development :  giving directly and widely onto the Seine, a city-center with a strong urban identity, lively and compact, a cultural heritage of quality and the immediate proximity of a well-connected train station.

The local heritage is rich, including at the same time the urban buildings of the city-center and of district Saint-Michel, the sites related to the Impressionists and to the various famous characters who have punctuated the history of the commune, and the heritage linked to the Seine, with primarily the Wheel of Marly. The station, though situated on the communal territory of La Celle-Saint-Cloud, positions Bougival in the Île-de-France on an axis second to the one of River Seine and allows the inhabitants to connect with La Défense business center and the center of Paris in a few dozens of minutes.

River banks and high hills

As the city is built in a valley, life in Bougival takes place uphill as well as downhill, so as to enjoy the river banks or its unobstructed views. The river banks have a rich and varied heritage, including as well villas, like the Résidence des Lions, the house of an arborist, Brothers Montgolfier’s column, the Pavillon du Bois, Russian writer Tourgueniev’s Chalet, Hamlet Bizet, or the Wheel of Marly. The woody slope of La Jonchère was several times the subject chosen by the Impressionists. Named ‘Colline des Impressionnistes’, it can be seen on many paintings of this period and is nowadays much favoured for its ‘unobstructed’ views.

In both cases, the real estate properties are quite sought after and the prices are stable and high. It is true that, as the properties are rare, the market offers few opportunities. A recent 150 sqm-house will be introduced on the market at a price of one million to one and a half millions euros.