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Versailles, a royal city just 20 minutes from Paris



Although it’s not the easiest to pronounce, this city is well-known around the world. Versailles never fails to win over the hearts of its visitors, as its residents swoon through everyday life. Emmanuel de Rivau, Director of BARNES Yvelines Sud, tells us why Versailles is one of the most privileged cities to live in France.

In fact, Versailles is internationally-renowned for its extraordinary historical heritage. The famous saying 'all roads lead to Rome' can easily be replaced by 'all roads lead to the Château.' Did you know that the Château de Versailles welcomes more visitors than the Eiffel Tower? But Versailles is not only an old royal residential area, it’s also an incredibly beautiful city that has managed to keep its real estate assets intact throughout the years.

Who are the Versaillais?

There are 3 types of Versaillais profiles, Emmanuel du Rivau tells us.

The first, and the most loyal, is attributed to the great families who have always lived in this charming city just west of Paris, passing down family traditions and the art of elegant living from generation to generation.

The second refers to those who have grown up in Versailles. They have benefited from a prestigious education in the city’s excellent public or private schools. Versailles ranks at the top, from “prépa-maternelle” or pre-school to the 'prépas' or Preparatory Classes for the Grandes Écoles, such as the famous Ginette - its official name is Sainte-Geneviève - and Hoche - a former convent founded by the Queen. There is a very high number of Polytechniciens, students studying at prestigious écoles polytechniques, from Versailles; perhaps, as a rite of passage. They may leave the royal city for professional reasons or to discover new places over time, but they always return with the desire to raise their own children in a pleasant environment with a high quality of life.

The third is comprised of newcomers who discovered Versailles, located just 17.1 km from the center of Paris, and immediately fell in love. It also helps that this little city is so well connected to the big city and major highways, with 5 train stations that include 3 direct lines to Paris. However, it’s not a dormitory city to the capital, Versailles has its own identity, its own life with all amenities and conveniences found on site. It’s even home to a famous regional market that was elected the most market in Île-de-France in April 2018.

Living on the périphérie of Paris, in a beautiful setting, is every bit as pleasurable as living in Paris.

Versailles and its neighborhoods

The residential neighborhoods in Versailles are a favorite of families with young children. The city’s population is rejuvenated with youth, and ss a result, has become very dynamic and modernized. Hip and lively, the city hosts many trendy restaurants, bars, and fashion boutiques; even Parisians like to wander out of bounds to the Parly 2 shopping mall.

The most in-demand neighborhoods are Notre-Dame, Saint-Louis, and the even more family-friendly Montreuil. Residents of Versailles have a choice of beautiful apartments in old buildings full of historical heritage reflected in their woodwork, moldings, fireplaces, and parquet floors of time past or renovated in the règles de l’art. Hôtels particuliers or private mansions are majestic and beautiful houses with gardens speckled in millstone reflect the art de vivre of 19th-century Versailles.

Versailles preserves an antique urbanism and conserves its rich heritage, a luxurious image of France. The city is constantly searching for new ways to improve for its citizens; the incredible renovations and transformation of the Hôpital Royal (Hôpital Richaud) into a residence is a wonderful example.

Headlines in the international press, the media, and health professionals have revealed the benefits of breathing fresh air. Now Emmanuel du Riva, in just a few words, has completely convinced us and offers an opportunity to live better. You’ll find it in Versailles, the city of King Louis XIV.

© Les Confidences De BARNES - published on Barnes Yvelines on 16/05/2019

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