Real Estate in Yvelines: where to invest?

Everywhere in the department, the volume of transactions continues to decline, while the price decline accelerates. The phenomenon wins posh towns of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Versailles and Chambourcy.

No fewer than five railway stations and RER stations, schools deemed an enchanting ... With these advantages, the city of the Sun King raises more than ever the craze of wealthy families of the department, plus a strong contingent of Parisians attracted by the somewhat lower rates than in the capital. According to the Paris notaries, they even fell 8% in a year, the median price per square meter in the old now oscillating around 5270 euros. The tariff averages, however, vary by sector:

'In Notre Dame, first district built under Louis XIV, near the castle, average prices in the old hover around 6,000 euros per square meter, 'notes Yann Dudix, director of Central Agency Orpi Versailles. Missionaries Street, a 84-m2, in good condition, has been sold for 480 000 euros (5710 euros per square meter). Not far away, on the second floor of an old building of King Boulevard, a 44-m2 sold 280 000 euros (6360 euros per square meter).

The price range is much the same in the South, to the most exclusive district of St. Louis. Satory street, 100 meters in a straight Potager du Roi, a 115-m2 has recently gone to 700 000 euros (6090 euros per square meter.) The prices are a little softer in the Hermitage area which adjoins the castle.

In a stone building size 1960, a T2 of 69 m2, with a box in the basement, was purchased 355 thousand euros (5140 euros per square meter).

Further east, towards the Boulevard de Lesseps, the proximity of Montreuil station keeps prices high. On the boulevard next to the Saint-Symphorien church, a 70-m2 reaches the sum of 385 000 euros (5500 euros per square meter). But as soon as one moves away from the railway station, the rates drop significantly. Rue de l'Ecole des Postes, a 120-m2 sold 519 960 euros (4330 euros per square meter).

A price comparable to those prevailing around the stations of Versailles-Chantiers and Porchefontaine, two sectors in which motley built residential areas alternate with semi-recent collective ensembles. Rue du Pont Colbert, a fairly busy street dominated by buildings of the 1960s, a 56-m2 has been sold to 240 000 euros (4290 euros per square meter).

Side houses, the supply of goods is well below demand. The rates therefore remain stratospheric. In the district of Clagny-Glatigny, 100 meters in a straight line from the train station Versailles-Rive droite, a building of 180 m2, with a plot of 700 m2, changed owner without difficulty for the tidy sum. ..1,3 million.

Saint-Germain-en-Laye: sales at half mast

The market is worth in the city that saw the birth of the Sun King. 'Not many sellers and few buyers,' says, lapidary, Elsa Krouleff- Habert, of the Royal Agency. 'Vendors continue to practice the rates in force in 2012 'laments Betty Azulai, Saint-Germain council estate. If one believes the figures notaries, since last year, prices have yet decreased 5 to 6%, the average tariff in the old square meter amounting to € 5,100. That did not stop the sales volume falling by more than 20% at the same time. 'The further away the RER, the market is less active', says Mathieu helix, the agency that bears his name.

According to professionals, 9 out of 10 requests concerning property situated near the railway station, Place Saint-Germain twenty minutes from Charles de Gaulle-Etoile. Rue de Pontoise, close to the castle and a minute walk from the RER A T3 of 63 m2, located in a 1890 building, has sold € 380,000 (€ 6,030 per square meter). 'There are two years, would be left without much difficulty € 6,500 per square meter', provides Mathieu Helix. Near the Market Square Neuf Danès de Montardat street, in an eighteenth century building, a duplex of 96 m2, with terrace and parking, renovated, has been sold for € 688,000 (€ 7,170 per square meter) .

A couple bought, Marshal Joffre Street, a house of the 1950s, with an area of ​​290 m2, needs updating, with a garden of 1000 m2. Price: 1.65 million euros.Moins expensive is the Bel-Air neighborhood, at the motley frame which extends to the southwest of the city center. The 100-m2 semi-recent exchange it at around € 300,000. Continuing towards the north west, you reach the town of Chambourcy. Rail service lacking, it is, however, crossed by the A14, which saves the capital in fifteen minutes, and it is a few minutes drive from the international school of Saint-Germain. Rue du Clos-de-la-Family, a recent house of 130 m2, with garden and garage, is a party to € 600,000.

Too expensive? We must then explore the side of Aigremont, commune located 2 km west of Chambourcy. A pavilion of the 1980s, with an area of ​​180 m2, refreshing, with a garden, it went to € 3,611 per square meter.

Sartrouville: small shape

Ten minutes from RER of Defense, the second town of Yvelines (53 000) after Versailles attracts managers from West Paris, or Vésinet Hauts-de-Seine. 'The city has gentrified with the arrival of the customer rather easy', says Christophe Bouard, Agence Station. Rising for years, the rates of the former now rising to € 3,200 per square meter for apartments and € 3,700 for homes.

Result: young Sartrouvillois 'strain' tend to settle in the surrounding communities -to Herblay and Cormeilles-en-Parisis, including two cities of Val-d'Oise, neighboring department where prices are softer. 'A Sartrouville, 4-room location is trading at around € 320,000.

A Cormeilles, the same type of property rarely trading at more than € 260,000, 'says Guillaume Rihouey, Laforêt Activ'immo.Les have prices reached their ceiling? Their virtual standstill last year (+ 0.1%, according to the notaries) did not prevent the Sartrouvillois market decline significantly. Twelve month rolling basis, the volume of sales has indeed fallen by 25%. Now, most of the activity is concentrated in a radius of 1.5 km around the station, located in the city center. The most quoted neighborhoods are those of Vaudoire, the Ten Acres and Plain.

At the Vaudoire, three minutes walk from the station a 3-room of 65 m2, dating from 2007, in perfect condition, sold € 295,000 (€ 4,540 per square meter) .Avenue Georges Clemenceau in the eccentric part of the Sailor, a pavilion 1980, with an area of ​​120 m2, himself is party to € 285,000. The rates in the nine may not be much higher than those of the most coveted former properties. Avenue of the Republic, seven minutes walk from the station, a T2 of 41 m2, out of the ground this year, has been sold for € 202,000 (€ 4,930 per square meter). Also, the notary fees were offered. South of Sartrouville, in the town more 'bobo' Montesson, prices rise a little. A house of 100 m2 has just change ownership of it for the sum of € 400,000.

Rambouillet: the disenchanted forest

Nestled between the forest of Rambouillet and the more extensive yet, the Chevreuse Valley, this town located just thirty minutes from Montparnasse train traditionally families happy and wealthy retirees in search of peace and quiet. Yet here too, the gloomy echo of the real estate crisis is heard. 'The demand has halved in a year and the price of old goods declined significantly', is particularly concerned Christiane Bouziat, agency AB Realty.

According to figures of the Paris notaries, falling prices over year is around 15.5% .And if it was the time to buy? To believe Zouein Georges, director of the transactions within the company Geniez, 'the signs' house for sale 'popping up everywhere.' A Reims family one of whose members was posted in the sector acquired Clos-Batant the street, a house from 1974, with an area of ​​115 m2, with a garden of 350 m2, for a reasonable $ 280 € 000. Renovation of all estimated at € 10,000 were expected. 'There are two years left at this property would be € 330,000', assures Christiane Bouziat. Rue Georges Lenôtre, southwest of downtown, along a tree-lined thoroughfare, lined with houses and small residences, a 68-m2, located in a building of the 1970s, to refresh, recently party € 176,000 (€ 2,590 per square meter).

The prices of recent property or in good condition are significantly higher. To settle in a 3-piece from 1999 with an area of ​​70 m2, in perfect condition, situated in the busy shopping street of General de Gaulle, near Rambouillet Station, a retired couple n has not hesitated to pay € 320,000 (€ 4,570 per square meter). Not far away, a 60-m2, also in excellent condition, is gone in a month to € 190,000 (€ 3,170 per square meter) .Côté houses, prices also remain at high levels, with demand significantly exceeds supply.

In the residential area of ​​Eveuses, Robert Schuman Street, five minutes walk from the station, a 2005 house with an area of ​​200 m2, with a plot of 500 m2, has been sold without negotiation to € 600,000. As for the new home market, it is also struggling. 'Investors were not convinced by the implementation of tax exemption device Duflot' Christiane Bouziat analysis. At Rambouillet, a studio rents between 350 and 400 € a month, she calculates. 'Not enough to be profitable ...'

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: sales plummet

Old 'new city' created from scratch by the state in 1970, the urban community of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines -Guyancourt includes seven municipalities Elancourt, Trappes, La Verrière, Magny-les-Hameaux, Montigny le-Bretonneux and Voisins-le-Bretonneux- and houses a total of 14 000 inhabitants. Integrated in the sector said 'the Saclay plateau', together form the second economic center in western Paris, after the defense, gathering close to 100 000 jobs in growing sectors such as engineering (Areva, Bouygues) or high technology (Snecma, Thales).

But realtors the urban community are rather long face. 'We have achieved fewer sales in 2013', Jean Grolleau is concerned, the agency Twin Transactions, in Guyancourt. 'A Trappes and Elancourt, real estate activity fell by 30%' laments Yannick Laird, ERA agency Elancourt.La city of Guyancourt, home to major international companies, including the Renault Technocentre and Challenger , headquarters of Bouygues Construction, pulls out of the game through an ever active market.

Rue André Leroi-Gourhan, close to the Technocentre, 4-room of 84 m2, from the 1990s, to refresh, quickly sold at € 295,000 (€ 3,510 per square meter) .Très requested, the small surfaces depart in higher prices yet. Philibert-Delorme Street, a studio of 30 m2 in good condition, located in a 1996 residence, found a buyer for € 139,000 (€ 4,630 per square meter). Gérard-Philipe Street, a couple of Parisian engineers with children is offered for € 610,000 a house from 1985, with an area of ​​125 m2, 4 bedrooms, with a beautiful wooded land of 1600 m2. 'It was six years ago, this property is € 700,000 party' ensures the agent following the sale.

The owners consent major discounts Further west, in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, residential and green town, rich in residential areas, the decline in prices is the order of the day. In the chic Manet, south, villa of 1984, with an area of ​​135 m2, including 6 rooms, with a plot of 500 m2, took months to find a buyer for € 495,000. The former owner finally had to make a discount of € 80,000.

South of Guyancourt and Montigny-le-Bretonneux, agricultural surfaces extend to the horizon. In the small village of Magny-les-Hameaux, prices collapse. A 3-bedroom apartment of 70 m2 has changed hands for € 210,000 (€ 3,000 per square meter). 'A product of the same area sells € 40,000 more in Guyancourt', provides Zouein Georges, director of the transactions within the company Geniez. Avenue du Grand-Pré, in Voisins-le-Bretonneux, prized for its pavilions with garden, a house from 1981, with an area of ​​84 m2, with a plot of 300 m2, in need of work estimated at € 70,000, is still partly € 300,000.

Mantes-la-Jolie: prices down

Did you know that the sub-prefecture of the Yvelines owes its name to a letter that King Henri IV sent his favorite, the Mantaise Gabrielle d'Estrees? 'I'm in Mantes, my pretty', wrote in substance the gentleman. We guess more ... Located near the Regional Natural Park of Vexin and half past one in Deauville by the A13, Mantes-la-Jolie, is the country town par excellence.

Third commune of the department by its population (44,000 inhabitants), the souspréfecture Yvelines Only thirty-three minutes Train Station St. Lazare.Ces assets did not prevent the market for existing commercial property 'y experience a sharp slowdown for the second straight year. The median price per square meter of old apartments now stands at € 2,560, a decrease of 12.5% ​​year on year, according to the notaries franciliens.Directeur sales of agency Foncia, Xavier De Pasquale explains this slowdown unbridled competition of the new real estate: 'On this market, the notary fees are offered the opportunity to benefit from the zero rate loan (PTZ) is open, and additional discounts are granted by some promoters', assures Does -he. The new tariffs have indeed is appealing ...

Rue de Lorraine, a few steps from the souspréfecture building and the train station, a 33-m2 brand new, built to the new standards BBC, recently sold € 160,000 (€ 4,850 per square meter). In the same street, a renovated studio in a similar area in 1991, went to € 135,000 (€ 4,100 per square meter).

In the new ZAC Mantes-University, straddling Mantes-la-Jolie and Mantes-la-Ville, 1600 housing free accession should break ground in 2020. A technology university center will host 1,500 students at the 2017 and a commercial area including a hundred shops, will open in 2016. A Mantes-la-Ville, rue de Dreux, 800 meters from the train station of Mantes la Jolie, a 36-m2 dating 2006 was bought by a nvestisseur without delay at a price of € 131,000 (€ 3,640 per square meter). But in the old, beautiful business is to grasp. At Mantes-la-Jolie, Maurice Braunstein Street in Gassicourt district, home to a suburban housing quality, a house of 75 m2, built in 1983, with a plot of 310 m2, is a party to € 190,000.

Poissy: a wait

Located twenty minutes from Paris by train, on the edge of the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and near the golf course, the town of Poissy is popular for its calm and tranquility.

It attracts a local clientele addition, many families from Saint-Germain-en-Laye, duVésinet and Paris, where real estate prices are much higher. At Poissy, the median price per square meter in the old, down 4.6% over one year now stands at € 3,380. The activity is much calmer than last year, the number of properties for sale is significantly higher.

The choice of products is quite wide and the bargains tend to multiply. Thus, Peace Boulevard at 300metres from the train station, a 4-room apartment of 72 m2 available from eighteen months to € 279,000 finally left to € 259,000 (€ 3,600 per square meter), down 7% from the original asking price. 'In a remarkable condition, the property was completely renovated by the teams of fitters issuing M6 House for sale' slip agent following the transaction.

Close by, Maurice Berteaux Avenue, 4-room of 85 m2, located on the ground floor of a residence of 1990, in excellent condition too, has been sold for € 282,000 (€ 3,320 the square meter). Further south, in a residential area, rue des Capucines, close to the golf course of Saint-Germain, a 62-m2, located in a building of the 1990s, also in perfect condition, went to € 275,000 (€ 4440 square meter).

Distant goods transport or sheltered by aging buildings suffer, on the contrary, a significant discount. Maryse-Bastie Street, third floor of a 1970s building in the city La Bruyère, a 3-room of 56 m2 recently blessed with a retired couple for € 158,000 (€ 2,820 meter square). The property has a year to sell. 'The price set initially by the former owner was € 180,000' says Edouard André, the Laforêt agency. A little further west, Blanche de Castille Avenue, in the heart of an area which rise apartment buildings in the 1960s, a 47-m2, located in a bar of four-storey buildings, s' sold € 113,000 (€ 2,400 per square meter).

The apartment necessitated renovation work valued at € 5,000. Rare for sale, houses with land are obviously much more expensive. In the neighborhood of the Grands-Champs, one of them dating from 2002 with an area of ​​150 m2, with a garden of 300 m2, sold € 649,000 or € 46,000 less than the price charged initially.


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